File Hosting and Visualization.

CloudFile is a platform dedicated to file hosting and sharing. Take advantage of our secure storage space for all your documents.

Create your volume storage, you will be able to use your browser or directly use the storage system API to operate your files and volumes. Keep your documents private or open your volume to the public to share your files with users. You can order a free volume of 1Gb to test our services.

You have several ways to access your documents, but we advise you to use the API to manage your documents. You can customize the way you consume your files in order to gain efficiency.

Backups are regularly made to avoid any loss of data in case of a service interruption. The protection of your documents is our first concern. None of your data is used for commercial purposes, our business model is based solely on document storage.

CloudFile is still only in beta version, you might encounter some bugs during your experience. Do not hesitate to report your problems or needs via the contact page.

Best regards.

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